Hockliffe is a parish that today occupies an area of some 1,092 acres in south-west Bedfordshire, enlarged since 1929 by 64 acres through incorporating part of Chalgrave parish on the north-east side of Watling Street The Hockliffe website has had a refresh.  However we would encourage further information and updates to keep the site fresh and up to date.  If you run a club, group,event, committee, charity etc.. please contact us and send us your information.   With the increase of smart phones nearly everyone has access to a digital camera.  If you have a photograph that you think shows off the benefits of living in Hockliffe and would like to share it with the village - using the contact us link send us the photo and also a respective caption.  We are also especially interested in capturing pictures from the past.  
Welcome to the Hockliffe Village Website